Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Living in the Moment

This sounds so cliche, however; it is probably the most important aspect of my weight loss journey.  When I talk about living in the moment, it isnt living every day for the current moment, it is litterally living in that moment.  In a broader sense, I have a goal to lose 279 pounds, Yes, it is a crazy goal but my focus isnt on losing all 279 pounds, it is about doing the little things that get me to losing 279 pounds.  In football the goal is to win the game, however; if you dont win the first, second, third and fourth quarters, or some combination of them, can you win the game?  If you break it down smaller than that, if you turn the ball over and have penalities can you win the game? 

For me, living in the moment is doing everything that gets me to my goal.  For me it is making health food choices every day.  It means skipping the desert menu at a restaurant.  It means going to the gym 5-6 days a week.  It means focusing on doing every repition right when lifting, it means finishing my runs.  The moments in life arent by chance, the are caused by preperation.  That when I step on the scale I have won more of those moments then lost.  Knowing this allows me to not be overwhelmed, it allows me to not binge eat or stop exercising.  I look back at every moment when I felt failure, I didnt fail at that moment, I failed at moments that led up to that. 

I made this choice last night...  I could have drank a few beers and watched baseball.  After having a internal discussion, the thought of seeing the scale move down, the thought of all those good decisions I have made this week versus having a few set backs wasnt worth it...  I drank my water and finished watching that baseball game.

I remind myself daily to check my decisions, is this getting me to where I want to go?  Do you live in the moment so that you can achieve your goals?  Do you reflect on the decisions that you make on a daily basis?

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  1. This is an awesome post!! I know exactly what you are describing. You don't have to make the right decision every time, but you have to want to make the right decision most of the time. No one is going to get through life making perfect decisions.

    This post was a great reminder to me to think about how much a decision will help or hinder my goals. Thanks for writing such an amazing post!!